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Collage Destavio



Brood Mare:           Charisma RPZ

Stallion:     Destano

Pedigree:  Flavio-Del Mondo-Rohdiamant    Desperados-Brentano II-Imperator



Charisma  is an elegant mare with very good gaits and an extremly swinging, elastic trot. In free jumping she seems to be an showjumping horse with best manner and excellent back hand mechanic.

In 2011 she had an elegant black colt from premium stallion Destano (from  Desperados -sold to  USA)

Her father Flavio was decorated the 2nd Reserve Champion of the NRW approval in Muenster-Handorf. This good sized, striking and dryly formed, very strong typed Florestan I son is responsible for her gaits of outstanding quality, always supple and elastic in their sequence also over the jump.  Very good brood mare exam with scores up to 8,5 for the gaits.                   Charisma has won and was highly placed  und   dressage test and young horses test in levels  A  and L.


Destano was the I-a main premium winner at the 2011 Oldenburg Hengsttage in Vechta. Destano is a good-sized stallion with a modern silhouette, correct conformation and the best character. Supple and dynamic, he knows how to put on a first class presentation by showing off his gaits. As expected with such a pedigree, he's highly rideable, very intelligent and eager to learn. Attributes, which he  passes on to his offspring exceedingly.  Destano took his 30-day test as well as his 70-day test in Schlieckau where he received outstanding scores for his gaits and rideability. Meanwhile, he has won tests for young dressage horses at medium (M) level and is trained all the way up to advanced (S) level.

His sire, Desperados, is currently one of the most successful dressage horses worldwide and medalist guarantor for the German championship team. In 2014 and 2015 he was, with Kristina Bröring-Sprehe, German Champion in Balve, took the team silver medal at the Olympic Games in London in 2012.