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Brood mare:        Coco Chanel RPZ

Stallion:          Millenium

Pedigree:   Desperados-Rohdiamant-Biskrah xx  Easy Game - E.H. Ravel - E.H.Consul
















COCO CHANEL RPZ: Born in 2010, Coco is a well sized mare with tremendous possibilities in motion from the momentarily worldwide best dressage stallion Desperados FRH, out of a mother from the dressage legend Rohdiamant.  3-years old she absolved a very good brood mare test and is several times highly placed in young horses tests for rideability as well as in dressage competitions of the level A with scores up to 8.5 for her gaits.  Her fist foal from Coal Diamond (born 2014) is a long legged colt with movements on a high level of quality. His temperament is exemplary with inner peace and a first-class character.


In 2014, Millennium made his impressive debut as sire. At the Trakehner stallion licensing  and at the Oldenburg licensing he presented each the towering champion stallions Sir Sansibar and Morricone.  Meanwhile, the number of licensed sons has increased to 19.

Millennium himself was second Reserve Champion of the 2010 Trakehner licensing in Neumünster. All three basic gaits are of select quality: very smooth and distinguished by a canter that is always uphill and a trot with lots of freedom at the shoulder. At his 30-day test in Moritzburg in 2011, Millennium proved to be a dressage talent of the best kind, finishing with the second highest score of all participants in dressage. In 2013, he finished his 70-day test in Neustadt/Dosse, where he was in the lead with 8.66, the highest score overall with emphasis on dressage in a group of 37 participants. He also received several times a score of 9.0 and higher. Furthermore, Millennium had a first-class “Coming-Out” in sport: In 2012 he won several tests for young riding horses and became Trakehner Vice Champion in Hanover. Meanwhile, he has won many times in medium (M) level tests for young dressage horses and is trained all the way up to advanced (S) class by Kristina Bröring-Sprehe now.